It may be Ico

September 5th, 2012 20:31

I have seen a few trailers of the Papo & Yo game from which I couldn't really grasp what the game was about. Today i finally came around to play the trail version and I must say I'm pleasently suprised about the game. It basically is a puzzle game with a fantasy story behind it, but saying that won't give the game credit. You are a little boy walking in a city that look like clean Brazilian farfallas. Using magic crayon like switches and moving objects in the world make whole houses move around that will give you access to new area's. These puzzles are cleverly thought off and it's a pleasure to see how things move around in the world. It isn't like the standard archeology Tomb Raider kind of object movements. It was really fun to see a whole block of houses become a moving creature where you stand on his head and move to a new area. It gives a really good feeling playing this game and it compares nicely to games like Flower and Ico. I'm really gonna buy this game and I hope it lives up to my expactations. For me it may even become a classic like Ico.

Apocalyps caused by Platinum #5

June 15th, 2012 00:26

I took me just a few evenings extra too finish Darksiders on apocalyptic level. Even the end battle was easier the second time I went through the game even now I played it on the most difficult setting. The greatest challenge in this game is to get the hang of it and keep playing. The more you play the easier it becomes. Then it just takes time to receive the platinum trophy for Darksiders. The hardest trophy to get is the Dark Rider trophy, not because its difficult, but because it takes a long time before you met the requirement. It took me the whole Ubisoft E3 presentation before i received that one. While watching the presentation i tied my controller and let War and Ruin run in circles. It was only just before the end I rode my horse for enough miles to receive the trophy. With five platinums on the list, which one is going to be next?

Apocalyptic Soul Reaver

June 11th, 2012 12:26

After playing a lot of FPS lately, I'm a bit tired of shooting soldiers. Some evenings it will still be nice to play a few rounds shooting, but it was also time to play something else again. Recently I picked up a copy of Darksiders a game that was on my list of must play. I played the demo when it came out on PSN a long time ago and I really enjoyed it, which made me put the game on my must play list. It reminded me of my PS1 and PS2 Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver self appointed classics. I really liked the story, the puzzles and the characters of the Soul Reaver games. Playing through Darksiders I spotted a lot of similarities between the games. The soul catching, the bosses and the creatures all look like next gen upgraded version of the Soul Reaver games. The story is never quite as good as the Legacy of Kain series, but that storyline is hard to beat, it's one of the best stories I've seen in this genre of computer games. But Darksiders still has a great story behind it.

Shooter is always start on the hardest possible difficulty, but the apocalyptic difficulty of Darksiders scared me a little. Playing the game on normal mode was challenging enough. It was good to play on this difficulty setting to get into the flow of playing the so called hack and slash action adventure games. The result of playing [Prototype] a few months back was still visible. It was quite easy walk through the levels beating bad guys. The puzzles were quite challenging, but not impossible. Eventually you reach the different level end bosses and that was the biggest challenge, staying safe and finding the right pattern took me back to the last way point a few times. Beating Straga was probably the most challenging, but that was on the first play through. I'm now well into my second play through on the apocalyptic difficulty level and I find that easier than the normal difficulty play through. Not knowing what to do is a big part of the difficulty of the game, not so much how hard the enemies are. I do recommend a second play through, because the references made earlier in the game make more sense if you know what's coming.

With the second play through almost finished and a full trophy list the games is really over. The story though is another thing. We still have the unidentified party that creates the end boss, who is that? What will happen to Samael? Giving him back his power will probably lead to a new enemy to beat. With the second game coming we might get some answers, but as it takes part at the same time as we won't meet Samael again I think. Or the time may get extended beyond the timeline of the first game. We most likely will get an answer about the unidentified party, because Death goes on it's own quest to find..., yes answers. Just a few months more. There is also rumour about a new game in the Legacy of Kain universe, hope these are true. Then we have a new must play.

Naked on the Battlefield

May 16th, 2012 22:36

This weekend was double XP weekend for Battlefield 3 and I finally picked up the game again. Without problem I dove back into the multiplayer and still ended my rounds as an above average player. The BF3 multiplayer is still fun to play. The single player was a different story. I'm a FPS veteran, so I start playing these kind of games with the highest possible difficulty, which is Hard for Battlefield 3. After a few stages it became painly clear that this setting really is hard and not just a good challenge like most shooter. With the near realistic firefights I got shot down by things I never saw coming. Some stages took me more than an hour on the same checkpoint. Although it looks like your wearing a helmet and a bulletproof vest, it feels like your running around naked on the battlefield. The first bullet shot coming your way is also the one that kills you. In one stage I even crawled along a wall till my spawning teammates took out the enemy. After a lot of trail and even more error I managed to finish the game on this difficulty setting. It just took me more time than expected, but thats probably because I'm spoiled by previous shooter experiences. Battlefield 3 is a shooter where Hard really is hard. Although it sometimes was frustrating for me it makes the single player worth playing and I hope it will become the new standard for shooters.

Powers of the Protoype

November 15th, 2011 10:49

I finally finished Prototype today. I've trying to beat the end boss, but wasn't succeeding very well. I started playing some other games, because this was too frustrating. But there is nothing more frustrating then an unfinished game. This morning I had some time left and started to try out some new strategies. Including the use ofthe Critical Mass powers. I'm a player that just sticks to the things he knows and doesn't try the new things if the old things work well. It may take more time finishing some part, but eventually it gets me where I need to be. Not in this case, the end boss was really pissing me off, so I needed tried to use new techniques. This got me closer to finishing the game, in one try I just needed one hit to finish him off. I started running towards him to give him the final blow, but then he throws his Tendril Barrage and I got stuck in the tendrils. Instant death and back to square one. I didn't take long after that to finialy finish the story line and be the end boss myself. Now for all the collectables...

Readable Cutscenes

October 23th, 2011 09:13

Currenlty I'm reading the Killzone: Ascendency novel. It's great to relive the moments I personally played during Killzone 3. What I like more about the book is the fact that you get a more in depth view of the story. Generally a book is always better than the movie, but I won't say that this book is better than the game. Books and movies are more alike than games and books. The books gives extra details about the characters of the game, details that aren't easily told during a the actions in the game and it's cutscenes. Therefore I vote that every game comes with a novel. It will get the story better across and give a richer experience. I hope more games will follow this example and I don't mean stories based on the game or what what also happened between part 1 and 2 books. I like a book that tells the same story of the game along with the game to get more into the story. Are they already writing the Killzone 4 book? If so, send me a copy.

Beta Assassinations

October 13th, 2011 13:24

A month ago I got an invitation to join the Assassin's Creed: Revelation beta trail. At the same time I was already playing the Resistance 3 Open Beta and I was enjoying it. Because I haven't played AC: Brotherhood and it's multiplayer I put R3 aside and jumped into the other beta. Because my assassin's skills were a bit rusty I needed to get the flow going again. After a few games my assassin was running like normal and could get into the objective of the game. I was suprised by playing AC online. After playing a lot of shooters online I got used to the capture the flag, team deathmatch, rush and conquest kind of multiplayer games. AC brings the team deathmatch to a whole new dimension and it was fun. I think I can really enjoy AC's multiplayer. Last week I got AC: Broterhood, so I can start playing that to get up to speed on the storyline and then dive into the upcoming haystack called Revelations.

Not Resisting Platinum #4

September 28th, 2011 00:12

After completing the game on Superhuman difficulty, the next best thing to do was hunting for trophies. I tried to go online but I had a hard time finding players on the War Games, so I decided to try that later. A few evenings hunting for trophies, I was left with the jugling and coop trophies. Jugling kept me busy a bit, but I could finally get it working in the Pit. The coop was nothing more than going to Central Park. With the second controller I started to attack the Chimera dropping in without killing and then leaving him standing behind the wall. I would let my partner die a few times to revive him with player 1 before running in killing the Chimera to get the Silent Partner counter up. After grinding this level a few times by dying from the Auger fire I got the last remaining Silver trophy, which unlocked my fourth platinum.


September 24th, 2011 20:56

Today I can finally call myself a Superhuman, because I beat Resistance 3 on that difficulty. My first play through was on Hard difficulty. I don't start on an easier difficulty because then R3 would be a walk in the park. I'm not frightened of trail and error gameplay, I grew up with it. Playing the game on Hard difficulty made the Superhuman difficulty a little easier. You know already what you get into and the weapon upgrades cross over to the new difficulty and these upgrades are really useful on this setting. I died more than usual on the first few levels, because I overestimated the difficulty setting. I needed to use a little more tactics to win from the Chimera. Because of the problems in the first few levels I got scared of the Brewpub, Post Office Brawler and the Washington Square base. Not to speak about the Grim and Leecher levels. The Grim and Leecher levels are actually farely easy, the best thing to do is RUN! Try to move as fast as possible through the level and you will only sustain minimal damage. On the grim levels use the Rossmore or the Atomizer to cut a path thorugh upcoming Grims. The Post Office Brawler was even easier than on Hard difficulty, an upgraded Bullseye will help a lot. For the Brewpup and Washington Square levels don't forget your secondary fire. The Marksman and the Atomizer have a great secondary fire that can stop enemies from entering. And the Wildfire also cleans up nicely. And eventually you'll be a Superhuman just like me.

Resist the Global War

September 5th, 2011 21:36

As every device you have at home becomes connected to every other device in the world, console games don't stay on consoles alone. They can now be enjoyed on a different level and on a global scale. At first we could only check our statistics of our online involvement in games. Check how many kills you made, how many medals you earned and how far you are towards the next medal. Today you can receive extra content for your console game by playing a social media game. I'm currently playing Global Resistance to fight the Chimeran invasion. It's a massive online strategy game based on Insomniac's Resistance universe. With just a few clicks you help out to stop the Chimeran invasion. That is if you chose the side of the humans, else you want to run over the humans. It's a nice fun game to get into the mood voor the upcoming Resistance 3 release and to unlock some extra skins for online play. I hope to see more of this kind of interaction and the Vita will probably fit right into this concept.

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